Websites are at the forefront of any business and agency in the modern internet driver era. It’s the aspect that introduces you to the online world and helps you get a global audience. A stats by Top Design Firm states that 50% of the customers worldwide say that companies should prioritize website sites and their designs. So, no matter whether you are a small businessman, an individual looking for better personal branding, or someone exploring eCommerce opportunities, you need a website. It will need some research on your part and may even need some investment, but that will all depend on the Web development platform you use. 

The following are the top 10 web development platforms that can come in handy for yielding the best results with minimal effort.


WordPress is the most known and adopted content management system for all sorts of websites. You can use the platform for designing e-commerce websites, learning websites, and even general blog sites. WordPress is an open-source content management system as it can be used & modified by its users for free. Today, almost 43% of websites on the internet are built with WordPress. When WordPress 5.0 was launched, a new editor known as Guternbug was introduced. It is a block editor, providing a simple interface for making posts & pages. It was introduced to make customization look simple & uncomplicated. Along with that, simple drag & drop options using plugins & modern editors were introduced for creating attractive web pages.

The platform offers flexible tools with several extensions and plugins to simplify your development work. It also has some great website builders that enable drag and drop construction.

And you don’t always have to start from scratch with WordPress. It has many of these that you can install and customize to suit you. There are both paid and free options, which makes it super budget-friendly. 

Research Benefits of using WordPress:- 

  1. Seo Friendly:- WordPress is a very SEO-friendly content management system. WordPress provides various plugins & tools that make SEO a simple task for the developers. 
  2. Easy to Use:- WordPress is very easy-to-use software. You can create a website simply by dragging & dropping the elements. It has a simple dashboard to manage all the things related to your site. 
  3. Free: WordPress is free software that anyone can use. Though it has a paid option, if you want to access basic operations & features, the free one is enough for you. 
  4. Easy Customization: If you do not have enough coding knowledge, WordPress is the thing for you. You don’t need much coding knowledge in WordPress for making changes to your site.  


When you have to create a professional website and don’t have much knowledge of the coding language, Wix is the right platform. The platform provides users with a flexible drag and drop type interface with numerous themes to get a head start. 

Once you log in to Wix, you get access to its market, where you can get resources for your website. What makes the platform even more amazing is that it offers everything you need for creating and publishing a website at the same spot. It has hundreds of attractive templates that you can customize to create your website’s base theme. Plus, you get SSL certification, which is essential for security with every Wix website.

Wix also offers you a professional Mailbox, free fonts, and multiple marketing as well as analytical tools. The platform is a full package for creative and successful websites. 


Square Inc runs Weebly is a beginner-friendly and highly affordable web development platform. It is one of the very few that offer its users flexible paid plans and an excellent free plan. 

This plan will allow you to showcase your prices, customize website colors, and even includes full support from the Weebly team. You also get every tool to run the website globally and add shopping comparison features. It’s not the best plan for tools and SEO features, but it’s good for a head start.

Besides, you can always subscribe to its Standard, business, and premium plan at the cost of $1, $24, and $49 per month. These plans will give you access to Weebly’s pro-building application cloud storage and increase the number of users for your domain. And to sum it up, the platform will allow payment through 25 different currencies, so anyone anywhere can consider it for their professional website. 


Duda is a professional website builder trusted by over 15000 agencies & companies. You can easily create a high-speed website with Duda. Duda enables easy customizations in the themes & also provides easy access to HTML, CSS & Javascript. You can easily create a website by just dragging & dropping the elements. These websites are SEO-friendly & optimized websites. They provide 24/7 support service to their customers. 

Just a few clicks & your website is ready! It is full of advanced features & templates, which are important for designing engaging websites. You can easily monitor the analytics of your website with Duda. Moreover, compared its price with Duda’s features, it is very pocket-friendly.

Square Space

Square space is an all-in-one web building platform open for all sorts of businesses, enterprise websites, and online stores. The flexible platform comes with 113 templates, adaptable for mobile and desktop sites. 

Square Space’s management system allows you to create a website and optimize it for better SEO ranking. You can also create, publish and customize your blogs for a better online appearance. And above all, SquareSpace has a dedicated mobile application that you can use to edit pages or post blogs. Plus, you have an eCommerce-on-to-the-go feature allowing easy online store management.


Unlike WordPress and Dreamweaver, the Shopify Web development platform is not universal. The platform is designed and is used mostly for eCommerce websites. It will offer you domain, hosting, and all the other elements you need to construct your eCommerce website.

The platform also includes a large collection of tools that you can use. There are extensions for managing inventory, cart email, and many more. Moreover, Shopify can offer you a backup for every store you create. You can use it to create an image of your data. You can use it to recover data in case of any issue or data corruption. 

Big Commerce

Big-commerce is yet another fast-growing eCommerce website or store development platform. It offers a fully scalable work platform with multi-channel integration and complete marketplace support. It means you won’t just get a website but also the tools to help with SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Moreover, the platform has a user-friendly drag and drop type interface. It also has an inbuilt store for templates, plugins, and other necessary elements needed for creating or optimizing your website. You also get 12 free templates to choose from. 

And the best part is that the platform will also allow you to connect your store with eCommerce sites like eBay and Etsy. 


Magento is another good web development platform operated by Adobe. The company acquired it in 2018 for $1.68 Billion and has since then worked on bringing Magento into the Enterprise market. Right now, this platform is one of the ten most preferred and flexible eCommerce website-building applications on the whole planet. 

The omnichannel platform is also the best in terms of inventory control tools. It includes all the features and plugins you need for product management, cataloging, order management, site mapping, and Search Engine Optimization.

Moreover, with Magento, you get global language support and several payment modes, including PayPal,, Google Checkout, ePay, and more. And every site you create on the platform is highly responsive, so your users can open them on any device and screen size without any problem. 

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is the very best of its development applications. The development tool is considered one of the most reliable website development tools for Windows and Mac users. The application by Adobe has always been a crucial part of the webs development process. 

Dreamweaver offers users an interactive and friendly interface with both a code editor and live preview window. It enables you to see the changes you are making in real-time and accordingly. The platform allows you to use multiple languages for the development process. You can write your website codes in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and CTL.

As for cost, the application will charge you according to the user type. The price for individual users starts at $ 27.62 per month, while the cost for an organization is $54.04 per month. There’s also an educational plan starting at $26.30 per month. 


Many developers have used Joomla since its launch in 2005. It is a free content management system that enables developers to build a stable, secure & flexible website. They also provide free video training classes to their users. Joomla has 1000+ free extensions & templates available for smooth customizations on the website. To start with Joomla, you need to install Joomla & sign up with them. It is used by many developers & has more than 110+ million downloads. Joomla has everything you need to have to grow & expand your business website.   


Drupal is a free, open-source content management system used by millions of people all across the globe. It provides a very simple & easy to understand user interface. Users can easily create, edit & publish their content using this CMS. It is a very easy-to-use tool. In your daily routine, you might use many websites running Drupal as their content management system. Businesses, organizations & governments majorly use it. Drupal provides various features & functions, which make it easier for the users to customize their sites.  

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